Startup Weekend Gaming and Makers



An incredible atmosphere, lots of energy, enthusiasm and a whole lot of creativity – that’s what we got from people who where part of Startup Weekend Gaming and Makers this year.

It was Berlins first “double” Startup Weekend and it just went “WOW”! It was amazing to follow these two verticals in some of Berlins fastest growing communities – “Gaming” and “Makers”. And what came out of it was more than just MVP’s. It created another great network of people who want more than to just work.

With Medianboard, Wooga and Conrad Electronics we had some of the best supporters you can have. Mix it with some AAA coaches and judges and you get the future of gaming and DIY in Europe. These wonderful and highly motivated people supported the even more exciting 70 entrepreneurs who just showed up to build new companies around their ideas. You want to get to know about our winning teams?

Overall winner in gaming was “Stasi 3.0” puts you in the suit of an special agent. Players learn what it means to spy on people, like government agencies and companies do it today.

Overall winner in the makers area was “Feel the Beat” a metronom in a bracelet! Feel the beat – do not just hear it.

Let us say thank you to all our great supporters and sponsors. See you in Berlin, soon!!