These are the ideas that the creative folks are working on


21 hours ago our Startup Weekend Film Industry started. Almost 60 people attended and pitched 15 ideas (five people got on stage spontaneously). Finally seven teams emerged from the pool of ideas and turned them into the following projects.

A mobile app that offers film dubs for expats who want to watch TV shows in their own language when they are in a foreign country. You sync the app with the TV show (e.g. the Simpsons) and can listen to it in your own language.

A fun app, where people can dub videos with new their own voices. This way you can turn famous movie scenes into hilarious videos with your friends.

Immerse Trans-Serial Lab
The makers want to break up traditional story-telling by creating series where the episodes are told with different media formats. This way they want to create new experiences that will broaden our understanding of story-telling.

Digigram wants to make the creation of animated videos a breeze, so that anyone can produce animated films.

Screen Crowd
Screen crowd is an app for collaborative film creation. Friends can easily create scenes and merge it into a movie.

Diamonds offers a crowdmaking platform where people from the film industry offer their skills to make films together.

The Secret Film Society
A platform where independent film makers show their movies. People can watch it for free and pay the film maker with feedback and their social attention. This way independent film makers can cut through the noise and get valuable feedback and attention for their work.

Fan Screening
Fan Screening is a platform that connects independent film makers with theaters and movie fans. This way Fan Screening gives more power to the artists and their fans and helps independent makers a chance to be show their work in theaters without being dependent on distributors. 

For all attendees a new journey started and we are excited to see what their projects will finally turn into. If you are interested what people are doing, here are some numbers for you:

  • No. of developers: 12
  • No. of designers: 10
  • No. of film industry insiders: 8
  • No. of people who joined with a friend: 13
  • Others: 14