Top 3 Tips on How to Build Corporate Identity for your Start-Up


It is quite something to start a company in only one weekend. To get your company on the top of the list there are some rules you should follow. Let us give you some advice in advance, so you can rock your Sunday pitch.

1. Clear message

The first thing you want to think about is the message you want to communicate to the world. Without this message, you’ll not be able to tell a story, that will attract the attention of customers and investors.

Normally, the story of a startup company is a personal and moving story, both elements that drive engagement. For example, “Spreading peace, love and ice-cream since 1978” by Ben and Jerry’s. By engaging your audience with a clear and short message, it’ll arouse their interest in you.

2. Catchy name

As soon as you have your message clear, start thinking about a name for your startup. Do you want a name that immediately reveals what kind of product you sell or would you like something more abstract?

Ideally you should avoid in a name:

  • References to web 2.0 – this has already become old school
  • Initials – it will make SEO ranking really hard, only IBM can pull this off after years
  • Descriptions of your product – this way your brand name can survive multiple product lines

Don’t forget to Google your name and double-check if it’s taken already and how good it runs in the market, that you want to approach.

3. Consistent visuals

When you have your message clear, your story straight and your name approved by all team members and Google (…let’s face it, Google really has this influence!) It is time to visualize your company. How would you want your brand to look?

Our advice is to start with a logo and work from there. A logo is something you can design yourself, but you can also crowdsource this at online marketplaces like 99designs. Keep in mind there are tons of things you have to incorporate your logo into later: it’ll be on your website, business card and every other communication channel you will use. Therefore, your logo design should be the visualization of your company!

Also check out your competitors designs – you do want to be unique in your industry.

Bottom line? Get your story straight so it is easy to communicate it in a design – piece of cake, right?

Good luck for Startup Weekend!