Meet the NEXT mentors: Alex Neumann



We know, we know, you have been waiting for the intro of another NEXT mentor. The wait was worth it and we would like to introduce Alex Neumann of Erdbär. His company is dedicated to making “clean” food, because he figured (we put it quite simply): You put junk in, you get junk out. Or: You are what you eat. So they make healthy snacks for the little ones, all healthy, organic and most importantly yummy!

Get to know the founder and if you follow a similar idea, making the world a little better, then he might be just your mentor!


To get to know you a bit better: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you coming from, what did you do and what did you study?

Greetings! I’m Alex Neumann, now living in Berlin and originally from beautiful Cologne! After studying Management at the London School of Economics and getting my Masters at ESADE in Barcelona, I started a graduate training programme with Nestlé, where I stayed 6 years, covering Markets from Switzerland, the US and Mexico, mainly in the area of children’s nutrition. Although I had a great time, I eventually figured that corporate wasn’t my thing and decided together with my wife to create our own company. Almost 3 years ago now, we founded a company for healthy Children’s food in Berlin.

On a professional level: How do you define success in business? What was your biggest success?

Through my current experience I have somehow come to link success to two factors: fun/passion and perseverance (or rather having fun and persevering). Therefore my biggest success was to keep going and re-motivating when things got a little tougher.

What do you want to teach people attending SW Next?

Mainly to actually go for it (a lot of people have good ideas), to keep going and to be adaptive as you go along.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to focus on as a young founder?

Staying true to yourself and to want you want to achieve. When your fully submerged in the operations of your venture you might get side tracked and start adapting the wrong objectives.

What do you hope for your mentees to take away from Next and your mentoring?

That dedication should always be fun and come natural, then success is likely to follow

How do you want to help your mentees to succeed?

By asking the right questions and advising to keep things simple

If you had once sentence to explain Erdbär in a way to immediately make people fall in love with Erdbär, what would it be?

Very little explanation is needed to get the consumer and the trade to understand and like erdbär. The brand occupies a grateful territory by being healthy, fun and credible. Beyond that I believe that people appreciate our authenticity and slight craziness!


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