Why supports Mondeléz International Startup Weekend Berlin?


You think that’s a good question? Let’s try to answer it right here.

The Mondeléz team is well aware of the fact, that there are lot’s of innovative people in the Startup Community work on innovative ideas and products. It’s also pretty obvious that large organizations have to follow their processes not only to ensure high quality products, but also different legal requirements and their own rules to make sure compliance with the values they decided to follow. As happy we can be, that all these rules are set and followed, as hard it is to push innovation and change in a way, which is very common in the startup environment.

On the other hand wherever else you look you will rarely find more competency, insight, and expertise within a corporation like Mondeléz. So the challenge is how these different worlds could pool the advantages they have to move forward and change the world to a better.

And that’s where the Startup Weekend family – and so YOU – comes into play. You ladies and gentlemen from the startup community are the innovators, you are the people who are willing to go down the muddy way of creating new solutions for the world. Our special sponsor – Mondeléz International – is willing to join forces with you and support you in that mission, throwing in almost everything they have. They almost „forced“ us to let them offer a special prize to a Startup Weekend Food Innovation team of their choice. That selected team will get the chance to get access to the corporations broad network – did you ever want to see your newly designed product nicely sorted in the shelves of Metro retailers? – combined with the joined knowledge of Mondeléz’ employees and your motivation to create something new.

We as the Startup Weekend Berlin team are very happy to get the opportunity to organize the world-wide first Food Innovation vertical together with Mondeléz International. We look forward to meet you in Berlin. Let us know, if you have any further questions or recommendations for us.

Startup Weekend Berlin Team

Berlin [at] startupweekend.org