Why Do I Pay?


From time to time people ask why they have to pay for tickest, even though we have local and global sponsors. Let me explain, why that’s necessary and what we do with the money.

senior-businessmanOn a local level, we mostly use the money for the 7 meals, snacks, coffee, and drinks we provide over the weekend. Our local sponsors help us to keep the ticket prices at an affordable level, since we have to pay for a lot of other stuff, like the venue, insurances, swag, etc. No Startup Weekend organizer is making money by organizing it. We are all volunteers and do it, because we love everyting around entrepreneurship and want to support the local and global community. In the rare case that an event is profitable, 50 % of that money is used to support events in smaller cities. Cities, which are not able to raise enough money in the local community to pay for an event. The other 50 % is managed by Startup Weekend, Inc. (Seattle, WA) – a registered US Non-Profit-Organization acc. to 501(c)(3) – and can be used by the local organizing team to support the local startup community.

If you have any additional questions, let us know. The local team is here to help!