Startup Weekend Food Innovation – Why should I attend?


FIDid you see the title of our this years Startup Weekend? Are you a startup fan? If both answers are yes, you might have asked yourself, whether that food innovation format is something for you. But what exactly is it?

Well, Startup Weekend Food Innovation is our first attempt ever to open up a Startup Weekend event for a new group of people – the people from the food industry, without locking out the people, who already know and love Startup Weekends. And we talk about food industry in its broadest sense. You don’t have to own a huge corporation to participate. If you have an idea around farming, reworking, or preparing food, or maybe you invent(ed) the next BIG recipe and want to bring it to the shop floors. Or you might have the idea for a mobile app, that supports the consumers with shopping, checking nutritions, etc. Whatever you might bring up is welcome. Surprise us!

Now that you know, what Startup Weekend Food Innovation is all about, let us introduce our special sponsor for this event. Mondeléz International (fka Kraft Foods) partners with us to make sure, that we not only provide you with possible co-founders, but also give you the chance to talk with and learn from experienced veterans from the food industry. On top of that Mondeléz’ President (Switzerland, Austria, Germany) Jürgen Leiße joins us on Sunday as a judge. We have even heard rumors that they talked about inviting a selected team to their HQ in Zurich. Stay tuned….

Hopefully we were able to give you a better idea about the upcoming Startup Weekend Food Innovation. If you have any further questions, just shoot us an email and we will get in touch with you. If you’d like us to call you, please do not forget to add a number.

Your Berlin Startup Weekend Team