Startup Weekend Berlin is Getting Close


It´s wonderful to see that the Startup Weekend Berlin Community is growing so rapidly. Everyday more people are joining our Facebook group and following @sw_Berlin on Twitter! Thank you all for your tremendous amounts of support!

Recently a few people have asked us about the pitching process at Startup Weekend Berlin, so we decided to explain how it works: Friday evening everybody will have the chance to pitch an idea that they would like to work on over the weekend. Every pitch will be limited to one minute long. This keeps the process fast moving and makes it much easier to listen to many ideas. We encourage all attendees to pitch. It’s a great chance and you will probably regret not getting up after the weekend. But you are not required to present an idea. Usually about 50% of the attendees pitch friday night. Maybe you want to present the idea that you are currently working on and you are looking for co-founders or just randomly think of a business idea on your way to swB.  The more ideas we have floating around the better the weekend.

Take a few minutes to think about your pitch. What do you want others to know about your idea after the minute pitch? You should start with telling the audience who you are. Explain your business idea in a few key sentences (In one sentence if you can!). What is the problem that you want to solve? What is your solution to solve that problem? In the end let the attendees know what you need to move forward with you idea (i.e. Designers, Developers, Marketing people, etc.). What kind of skills are required to progress over the weekend? After all the pitches are done, just be open to discussions about your project and start getting together a great team.

Also you are not required to pitch in English if you don’t feel comfortable, but we encourage you to pitch in English because we will have people at the event who don´t speak German! We keep most of the communications about the event in English because we want to be open to our international guests. They make the event more awesome. If you would still like to pitch in German, no problem! We are sure to have somebody to take the time to translate for the attendees that are not fluent in German.

After all ideas are presented the attendees can pick their favorites. Then teams are formed around the ideas – usually around 10 – 15 Teams get formed. This is a very open process. Sometimes people can’t find a team to work with and they still start coding and build a great product to show on Sunday night. Or teams form around ideas that haven’t been picked as the crowds favorites – you see, this is a very open process!

You are very welcome to pitch your startup with your team and work on it over the weekend. Of course we can’t promise that more attendees will join your team, but we have seen teams do this very successfully at past events. All the teams will present their work Sunday night in front of the jury.

We hope that we could answer some of your questions. Just let us know via FB, Twitter or email if you have more.

Hope to see you at swB12,
Your swB12 Team!

(edited by Aisha Serres, thank you so much!)