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It’s time for another Startup Weekend! It’s time for another 54 hours where we provide everything and everyone you need to turn your idea into reality. But this time we go bigger! In June we will organize one event for two topics that are at the heart of the Startup Scene: Makers (Hardware & stuff) & Games.

We bring together a powerful community of people who are building businesses around games and physical products. Like the traditional Startup Weekend, teams will form on Friday night and spend all weekend working on their projects. However, Startup Weekend Makers & Games is adding two additional twists:

  • We have two parallel tracks, one for hardware and one for games. Each one comes with own mentors, judges and gifts.
  • Thanks to the cooperations we are working on right now, teams will have the chance to create and prototype actual, physical products.


Makers (Hardware & stuff)

You’ve all heard about The Pebble Watch, The Ouya Console, and The Leap Motion Controller. The internet of things and wearable tech are two of the hottest topics in the startup world – and rightly so. The possibilities are endless and new markets are opening up. So, if you want to be part of this and fiddle around with some cool gadgets, this is the right track for you!


Jelly Splash, Tiny Wings, Angry Bird or Flappy Bird – these are just some of the most successful games in the last year – and let’s not get started on innovative indie games. So, if you have an idea or want to join another team to work on the next big hit, then the Games track is the right one for you!

Early Bird tickets will be available soon.

Whether you’re an engineer, designer, business person, investor, or anyone interested in mingling with games or hardware products – join us! We’ll make the Early bird tickets available soon!

Marcia Schranner
Markus Schranner
Sebastian Rumberg
Shirin Kamali
Armin Eichhorn